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Zia insights

What Is Zia Insight?

Zia Insight is a feature of Zoho analytics which helps in taking full advantage of the data available, Zia Insight uses AI and advanced ML Algorithms for this purpose. It helps to identify patterns and correlations which may not be apparent immediately. This feature is easy to use as it uses natural language AI which in other words means you can chat with it just like you have with any human, which makes it easier to use.

Scope and Use Cases of Zia Insight in Zoho analytics:

Scope of Zia Insight is very Vast which could be understood by following examples.

1.    Sales and Marketing: It can be used to identify trends in customer behavior, which in turn could be used to optimize marketing campaigns and further making better Sales predictions.

2.    Finance and Accounting: It can assist with financial analysis and help in better financial Planning.

3.    Operations: It can help in better optimization of supply chains, Production and inventory management.

4.   Human Resources: Zia insights can help in imp

roving productivity by providing insights into employee performance, workforce planning and retention.

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How it works?

Data collected is fed to Zia Insights for the analysis Process where using AI and Machine Learning models it performs both Descriptive as well as Predictive data analysis for the data which is provided by us. This Process is directly based on data only unaffected by human bias and perceptions, So, you can be assured that the analysis provided is purely based on the data and the analysis process reflects the insights provided by unbiased data.

Types of Insights:

The following are some of the types of insights you will get from Zia Insights.

Inclining and Declining

Highlights the highest inclining and declining points. Which may help in identifying rising sales opportunities, helping business capitalize on growth. Declining insights pinpoint decreasing customer engagement or revenue, enabling proactive measures to prevent decline and maintain business health.

Zia insights


Trend and Seasonality

Gets the trend and seasonality present in the series. Which may help in identifying consistent growth or decline trends. Seasonality insights detect recurring patterns linked to specific times or seasons, aiding businesses in optimizing strategies for seasonal fluctuations. These insights empower data-driven decision making.

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Descriptive analysis:

In this analysis Process it looks at data and describes the data as it is with total counts of both dependent and independent variables. Also, it analyzes and describes Max values and Min values or in some cases Average / Mean value which shall depend on the type of variables available for analysis and the relations between them which are established by ML and AI. Further in descriptive analysis it also describes the observed variation and changes of one variable with respect to other variables, for example how much in which quarter of the year the sales increased or decreased by how many units or percentage. As represented in the following picture highlighted in yellow color.

Zia insights

Predictive analysis:

In this analysis process it makes observation of the data and then makes future predictions for the data which may be in the form of Trend analysis and Predictions made for the future based on the trends analyzed in the past data example of this process could be making prediction of sales growth in certain quarter of the year based on if there was growth in previous two continuous years , as shown in following picture highlighted in yellow. This is because the sale might be season dependent or any other reasons. This is based on Machine learning so the more the data is analyzed the better the accuracy of the results or in other words if you use this for longer time the predictions become more and more accurate.


Zia insights


Direct: Improved decision making: Helps in making better and more informed decisions which are based on meaningful insights provided by data. Improved Accuracy: Zia insights helps in making more accurate calculations using AI and Machine learning which would be hard with manual analysis.

Indirect: Increase Revenue: By making better decisions backed by data we can predict the user’s behavior in different domains/fields which in return may lead to increased revenue.

  • Better resource allocations: Being aware of the resources helps to allocate them in a more efficient way. Also, using past trends we can make predictions of when there shall be an expected spike in need of resources for which we can be better prepared. Improved
  • Productivity: By utilizing Zia insights for the analysis process the productivity of the team can be improved by focusing on other tasks.
  • Improved customer Satisfactions: As we identify the consumer trends, we can optimize customer satisfaction by making changes to our campaigns, Products and services.

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