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Zoho Meeting Vs Zoom – Best Video Conferencing Platform

Best Video Conferencing Platform - Zoho Meeting vs Zoom

Are you wondering about which Video Conferencing Platform is suitable for communication? Is Zoho Meeting or Zoom better for your business? We’re here to help you decide with our in-depth comparison of the two popular software. Here is a comparison of the main features of two popular video conferencing platforms.

Among the online meeting options available today, Zoho Meeting and Zoom are the two most popular software, but the focus of their features is quite different.

What do you need to be more efficient when working from home? As remote work becomes more commonplace, businesses worldwide use video conferencing platforms to stay connected with their team members. As a result, they can quickly run their entire business operations efficiently.

However, choosing one of the Best Webinar Platforms that suits your requirements can be pretty confusing. KG CRM SOLUTIONS helps you get the best web conferencing software to ease your hurdles.

Zoho Meeting is a software of Zoho Universe and a user-friendly platform that brings easy-to-use tools. It is the Best Web Conferencing Solution built to manage online meetings, webinars and video conferencing. The best feature of its tools is that they are browser-based and secure; you do not need to download any apps to attend the meeting.

On the other hand, Zoom Software is the best platform for organising video webinars within organisations. It is a scalable and cloud-based software for video conferencing and web conferencing. It is also reliable, secure, and super user-friendly that gives incredible features, including screen sharing, Q&A features, virtual background, and an HD look to your webinars.

Online Meeting Software For All Your Video Conferencing And Webinar Needs

Zoho Meeting is a secure Online Meeting Platform that assists you in finding unique ways to collaborate and work remotely without any hassles. With Zoho Meeting, you can enhance your remote collaboration experiences and securely stay connected with your team.

How does Zoho Meeting help to meet your webinar needs? Zoho Meeting gives you the following:

  • Simple-to-use tools with a scalable platform
  • Round-the-clock support
  • Industrial standard security
  • Enterprise-level experience
  • Interactive webinar meeting tools
  • Integration with third-party services

Besides, Zoom Software helps to bring teams together, reimagine workspaces, engage new audiences, and delight your customers on one platform. It is a unified communication platform that helps to make meaningful connections with meetings, team chat, whiteboard, phone and more. So be ready for virtual meetings, team chat, VoIP Phone Systems, and online communication via email and work better together.

Best Video Conferencing Platform To Engage Large Audience

Zoho Meeting is part of the more extensive Zoho Workspace suite of productivity tools, which includes a range of incredible apps for tasks such as project management, customer relationship management, and office suite tools. It means Zoho Meeting can be integrated with other Zoho Apps and third-party apps and make your work easier.

Use Zoho Meeting’s free webinar software to conduct online meetings, classes, and employee onboarding and market your products and services in a jiffy.

Zoom Video Webinar is also the best platform to organise video webinars within organisations. However, the best feature of the Zoom Software is the integrated capability of “Zoom Cloud Meeting” itself.

You do not need to install any extra files or software as it’s become effortless to use the Zoom Webinar version. This reliable and secure platform guarantees to scale up the attendee list and get an intuitive UI for smooth communication.

Zoho Meeting vs Zoom: Essential Features

Real-Time Online Meeting

The primary feature of Zoho Meeting is its real-time online meeting capability which helps to connect your team via high-definition audio, video and screen sharing. Meanwhile, it offers a seamless collaboration experience for remote workers.

Meeting Recording

You can easily record meeting sessions quickly and easily with Zoho Meeting. You can start recording meetings online and keep them secure in a cloud with just a button click. In addition, all the meetings can be easily accessible from the user’s account, and the admin can easily access, play and share the recordings with the teams online.

However, Zoom Software also offers a recording feature that helps to record online meetings. Users can access the recordings and keep them saved for future work. In addition, those recordings will depend on whether you are subscribed to a free or paid plan.

Zoho Meeting Vs Zoom: Pricing

Zoho Meeting offers a basic plan, which allows users to host an online meeting with up to 100 participants for an unlimited time. In addition, it provides advanced features and complete support for webinars.

Zoho Meeting plans to start at $9 per month with a broader range of parts, including online meeting support, custom branding, and advanced security options.

Additionally, its affordability and collection of tools can conveniently accommodate the varying needs of companies. It offers Free, Meetings and Webinars; three paid subscription plans to scale quickly with your business needs.

And zoom offers an excellent, no-credit card that requires a free-forever plan. Unfortunately, it’s pretty limited, and any additional features will require upgrading to paid plans. Zoom Software provides four pricing plans: Basic, Pro, Business, and Enterprise. Each plan comes with a fixed price and a limited number of participants.

Zoho Meeting vs Zoom: Integrations

Integration helps make your online meeting platform a one-stop place to address all your business requirements. Zoho Meeting brings many integrations with multiple applications, including Zoho CRM, Zoho Mail and Zoho Notebook. In addition, its comprehensive tools integrate popular third-party apps like Gmail, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Slack, etc.

On the other hand, Zoom offers several third-party applications integrations like Outlook, Google Calendar, Salesforce and more. These integrations help to increase productivity among remote teams and improve business workflows.

Zoho Meeting vs Zoom: Security

As security is the priority for online meetings, Online Webinar Software comes with the best security features.

With Zoho Meeting, you can secure your online webinars and get DTLS-SRTP encryption to secure your audio and video for both meetings. Zoho Meeting follows TLS 1.2 protocols and SHA 256 SSL certificates and provides two-factor authentication efficiently.

Unfortunately, the major drawback of Zoom software is its security—multiple incidents of “ Zoom bombings” – where hackers would easily disrupt online meetings. However, zoom uses 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and gives end-to-end encryption for online sessions. Also, users can enable two-factor authentication to strengthen security on the platform.

Final Thoughts

Online Meeting Platforms will facilitate better collaboration and communication as remote work is booming. Pitting the Best Webinar Software can give you a better understanding of how it can address diverse business needs potentially.

Overall, Zoho Meeting Software has affordable plans and comprehensive features that give you high-quality audio, video and security. As a result, it is the best option for businesses across different industries, and still, it’s best to tailor your company’s unique needs.

So let’s get a free consultation of Zoho Meeting, and let us guide you about the features that can make the right choice! Connect with Certified Zoho Developers and get instant solutions.