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How to Send email notification on Zoho Form submission?

Zoho Form Submission

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to send email notification on the submission of the Zoho Form.

Zoho Form Submission

Step 1

After building the form, click on Settings from top bar.

Step 2

From the left sidebar scroll down to the Notifications and expand it. Click on Email Notifications.

Step 3

From the New Record tab, click on Configure

Step 4

Here you can edit Template Name by click edit icon,  add From email, To email, Subject of the notification and Message to show in the email.

Step 5

In the from, you have three options:

  1. Add email of currently logged-in admin
  2. Add default Zoho email
  3. Add a new Sender Email.
Step 6

In the to, you have two options

  1. Add email of your choice (if you want to send notification to the admin or your own email)
  2. Add email entered by the user in the form

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Step 7

In the Message, you can fetch input of any field of the form, just click on Field Labels and all the available options will be listed out there in the pop-up.

Step 8

After writing required message template, you can Attach Form Submission as a PDF in the email too.

After clicking options of your choice, click Save.

You are ready to get email notifications according to the criteria you set.

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