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Zoho Authorized Partner for your business

Technology has played a vital role in making the business more efficient. When it comes to handling massive data, people prefer taking help from IT solutions that are appropriate for their organization. CRM solution is one such option that can allow the business to manage and monitor all processes of the organization simultaneously.

This is why people are moving to CRM solutions offered by trusted organizations that reputed organizations like Zoho back up. But for this, one needs to contact an expert who is a Zoho authorized partner. But why is this trend progressing like that? What are the potential benefits of a Zoho partner? Let’s discuss the same with appropriate reasons.

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Who is a Zoho Authorized partner?

An organization that is a certified reseller and service provider with the legal right to service, sell, support, or maintain Zoho solutions is labelled as an authorized partner of Zoho. This partner can help in customizing the Zoho platform in such a way that it fits well for you.


Why should you trust an authorized partner?

  • Trusted by Zoho

Zoho is a reputed organization, and when they entitle any organization as an authorized partner, it means they have faith in that organization. It can only be possible when the partner organization has shown that they can deliver the solution efficiently and retain the trust on Zoho.


  • Fulfils all protocols to deliver quality

Not everyone can get authorization as a partner from Zoho as that organization needs to fulfil some eligibility criteria set in the “Workplace Partnership Program”. These criteria are set to meet the international standards of quality in delivering efficient and robust IT solutions.


  • Ability to offer an end-to-end solution

One of the Zoho partner benefits is getting end-to-end solutions in the complete journey (from development to deployment along with maintenance) so that you don’t have to worry about anything related to your CRM.


  • Custom-fit solutions

The program’s efficiency depends on how well the program fulfils the requirements of the enterprise, and authorized partners will take care of that to ensure a seamless user experience.

  • Discount on sales

With authorized partners, you can even save a lot of money on various fronts like licenses, add-ons, upgrades, etc. Moreover, the pricing plan that you get is heavily discounted without cutting on the features and details. The best part about taking help from Zoho authorized partners is that partners can even pay all the expenses on your behalf. Hence, it can be useful when there is an unexpected delay from your side for any reason.


Why should you choose KG CRM solutions as your Zoho Authorized Partner?

We are glad to announce that we have become Zoho authorized partners and aim to utilize the standard potential of Zoho to build some comprehensive solutions. But this is not the end of the list of benefits. We have a lot to offer up our sleeve. Let’s discuss them.


  • Available in your region

When it comes to developing a business solution, one must know the legal constraints and other associated information. Being a regional organization, we can help in offering a solution that complies with the business and its ecology. Moreover, we together can discuss everything in person for better communication (if needed).


  • Authorized & certified by Zoho

We are certified and trusted Zoho partner in India and have helped numerous organizations in speeding up their operations with customized CRM solutions. Our team has successfully completed special producer training, has access to Zoho documentation, and has expertise in development. This means there is no doubt about the quality of services that you will be getting from us.

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  • Bundles for all industries

We understand that the requirements of every industry are different, and hence our consultants plan the solution which can fulfil your requirements and help in being ahead of the folks. Our consultants have an in-depth understanding of modular complexities and try to address them to develop a cohesive system. Hence we try to understand the actual intention of the client and then come up with the solution that not only fulfils the requirements but also is competitive with solutions used by the competitors of the client.


  • Passion for serving the best

The foremost trait that can drive anyone to provide the best is passion. We are passionate about IT advancements and Zoho solutions. It is the core reason why we put efforts beyond the edge to improve the overall experience. Till now, we have helped many organizations around the country in improving the productivity of the sales team. So double your revenues with us because productivity is directly proportional to revenue.


  • Feasible pricing plan 

We are here to serve and contribute to the development of our clients. Hence we have come up with some excellent pricing plans that can match well with Zoho’s low licensing costs. Your positive feedback is the motivation for us, and thus we try our best to positively influence your business with our solutions.  



Choosing Zoho solutions can be a life-changing decision for your professional life. But one needs the help of a trusted Zoho authorized partner for integrating CRM with the operations. Your search for the same can come to an end with KG CRM solutions. Simply drop your inquiry and connect with the team of experienced Zoho consultants now. Discuss the roadmap of boosting the team’s productivity with us.