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Working with Navigational URLs

navigational urls

Navigational URLs – URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator is the address of a specific webpage or file on the Internet or URL is used to specify addresses on the World Wide Web.

Navigational URLs are used to navigate or do certain actions in Zoho Creator. The URL can be opened in the same window, new window, parent window, popup window, or iframe.

Various Navigational URLs are used in Zoho creator:

#Script:page.back –  it Navigates to the previous URL loaded in the browser’s location bar.

e.g – openUrl(“#Script:page.back “, “same window”);

#Script:page.reload or #Script:page.refresh – This navigation is used in zoho creator to reload the current page.

e.g – openUrl(“#Script:page.reload “, “same window”);

#Script:page.close or #Script:dialog.close – Used to Close any dialog that is opened in the page.

e.g –  openUrl(“#Script:page.close “, “same window”);

#Script:dialog.closeAll: it is used to Close all dialogs that are opened in the page

e.g –  openUrl(“#Script:page.close “, “same window”);

  1., openIn): Opens a particular URL/page in ZohoCreator. “openIn” is the option to tell where to open the URL. The values for this will be new/popup. If the option is not provided, the URL will be opened in the same window.
  2. #Script:page.parent.close – Closes the dialogs opened in the parent window as well as the open windows
  3. #Script:page.parent.back – Loads the parent window to the previous URL
  4. #Script:page.parent.refresh – Reloads/refreshes the parent window
  5. #Form:<formLinkName> –  Loads the current page with any form in the same application.
  6. #View:<viewLinkName> – Loads the current page with any view the same application