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How To Make Calls From Zoho CRM Using Workflow Rules?

Workflow Rules for Call

Managing incoming and outgoing calls is necessary for a representative’s daily routine. They must record calls made to customers, schedule calls based on customer availability, capture call details accurately, and note missed calls.

Despite their hectic schedules, they must jot down every aspect in an organized manner to have all the details at hand. The best CRM software for calls brings advanced modules and reliable workflow rules for calls that would be helpful for sales experts.

The call layout within the activities module gives an ideal platform to store and track every aspect of a call without any hurdles. Fortunately, sales reps can put the complete call details like duration, date and time of calls, and pertinent notes with the Zoho CRM calls module.

Zoho CRM calls standalone function and workflow rules for calls help to use data and evaluate the time spent on each call or the average time taken for a call to conclude, among other details.

Are you unsure about how to make calls in Zoho CRM? Well, we at KG CRM Solutions are the authorized partners of Zoho in India and we have compiled a complete guide on the best CRM software for sales calls. Let’s have a look at it!

Single-Click Dialing to Make Calls with Zoho CRM

Stop using useless software and wasting time dialling phone numbers. Let’s make sales calls straight with the best CRM software in India. It enables you to make and attend calls right from its excellent call functions and measure results against deals.

Simply click on the call icon while viewing your leads or contacts to begin a call instantly.

calls module in zoho crm

Make Calls Part of Your Sales Process

Schedule calls ahead of time to effectively manage new leads, whether it’s at your convenience or the best time for your contacts. Utilize your call roster to get a bird’s eye view of your and your team’s call schedules, facilitating improved coordination.

calls in zoho crm

Stay Alert with Zoho CRM Call Reminders

Balancing deal monitoring and task management can make it challenging to remember every call you must make. With Zoho CRM calls module, you can establish reminders for scheduled calls and receive notifications for any missed ones, ensuring you stay on top of your communication obligations.

calls reminder in zoho crm

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All-in-one Workflow Rules for Calls Module in Zoho CRM

In Zoho CRM, you have the ability to establish workflow rules for all modules, which can be based on actions taken on records, specific date/time criteria, or updates to a record’s score. These triggers are applicable across various modules such as leads, contacts, and accounts.

However, when it comes to managing calls, you undoubtedly require more advanced customization options to tailor to your precise needs. With this in mind, we’ve enhanced the workflow automation specifically for calls, streamlining the entire process.

  • You can set workflow rules based on the category of call. You’ll be able to execute rules for various call events such as creation, editing, field updates, and deletions. However, for calls, specificity was needed to ensure rules were applied correctly based on the type of call.
  • Previously, our system could execute rules for various call events such as creation, editing, field updates, and deletions. However, for calls, specificity was needed to ensure rules were applied correctly based on the type of call. To address this, we’ve introduced rule execution based on call types.
  • You can now filter calls based on various call fields, including whether the call was logged manually, initiated from the CRM, or left unattended. Additionally, you can utilize other available call module fields such as Call Purpose, Call Result, etc.
  • You now can apply the workflow rule to either the caller or callee. This rule can be implemented for all callers within a module or specific callers.For instance, if you wish to assign a follow-up task to a user whenever a lead makes a call, you can configure the rule exclusively for leads. Similarly, if you want to receive immediate notifications when a ‘big deal’ contact calls, you can set up the workflow rule to trigger notifications for such contacts.

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How to Customize The Calls Layout With Zoho CRM?

You can customize the Activities Meetings Page as per your requirement by adding Custom Fields. The layout is divided into four sections, each containing default fields designed to facilitate the capture of fundamental call details:

  • Call Information
  • Purpose of Outgoing Call
  • Outcome of Outgoing Call
  • Reason for Incoming Call

You have the option to customize the layout by incorporating custom fields into all sections except for the Call Information section. However, to add custom fields you can:

  • Go to Setup > Modules and Fields > Calls.
  • Click the Standard layout.
    Alternately, hover over the Standard layout and click More > Edit Layout to add
    fields to the Standard layout.
  • From the New Fields tray on the left, drag and drop the required field types.


  • Name the field.
  • Click Save.

Logging calls

You can easily log incoming calls, outgoing calls, scheduled calls, and missed calls in the Zoho CRM call function. The classification of the call logged is contingent upon the start time of the call. For instance,

  • When the call’s start time is in the present, it is categorized as an outgoing call.


  • When the call start time is in the past, you have the option to select either the Inbound or Outbound call type and specify the duration.

Workflow Rules for Call

  • If the call start time is set for a future date, you have the opportunity to schedule the calls.

Workflow Rules for Call

  • Missed calls will be captured automatically from the telephony services that are integrated with Zoho CRM. It cannot be entered manually.

How To Log A Call In Zoho CRM?

To begin, navigate to the Activities module and select + Call. Alternatively, you can associate a call with a lead or contact by clicking + New Call within the Open Activities related list on the respective record’s details page.

Once on the Create Call page, follow these steps:

  • Specify the name of the Lead/Contact in the “Call To” field.
  • Set the date and time for the call in the “Call Start Time” section. Depending on the selected time, relevant sections for outgoing, incoming, and scheduled calls will be displayed accordingly.
  • Input the duration of the call in minutes and seconds.
  • Please note that the option to enter the call duration will only be available for outbound and inbound calls.