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Pipelines in Zoho CRM

Pipelines in zoho crm

Sales Pipeline:

It is used to keep the track of managing incoming sales opportunities and tracking them across the different stages of the lead’s journey until they are finally closed as won or lost. A business that runs on spreadsheets can find it painful to track sales and follow-ups as they grow and evolve. The modern day solution for businesses looking to transition out of the messy world of spreadsheets is choosing a CRM with pipeline management capabilities.

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Sales pipeline is easy to create and assign. To converting a lead into potential customer is dependent upon communication and nurturing. For converting lead into potential customer Zoho CRM used a proper follow-up to move your leads through sales pipeline.

Pipelines in Zoho CRM

Importance of Sales pipelines in zoho crm: A sales pipeline gives you a look of your which customer is on which stage. This information helps you to take next step towards a deal with a customer. It can tell you that you are near about your week’s or monthly’s goal or not.

Features of pipelines in zoho crm:

  • Customizable sales stages
  • Multiple pipelines

Customizable sales stages: There are various stages in pipeline. Leads in pipelines moves through these various stages. Your have to ability to customize stages according to requirement of your current sales process.

Multiple pipelines: If your company sells different products you have to keep track of every product. You can make different pipelines for different customers as well as for different stages like closed win or closed lost.

Pipelines in Zoho CRM