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Migrate from Zoho Docs to WorkDrive

Migrate From Zoho Docs Into Zoho WorkDrive

Let’s follow the latest tech trends and migrate from old on-premise solutions to new cloud ones!

Zoho Docs is an online document management software and a secure collaboration tool developed for over a decade. It provides built-in online editors to create and edit files and store them easily in the cloud. Woefully, you must move from Docs to WorkDrive and migrate files from Docs to WorkDrive without delay.

Unfortunately, Zoho Docs will be discontinued on February 15, 2023. Zoho WorkDrive is the new solution of Zoho for modern teams and individuals!

With Zoho WorkDrive, you can improve file management and collaboration between teams, enabling them to work together more efficiently. If you’re currently using Zoho Docs, migrate your data into Zoho WorkDrive. This migration guide will help you to migrate your Zoho Docs to WorkDrive without any hassles.

Now you can use Zoho WorkDrive instead of Zoho Docs and easily redefine external sharing options and advanced admin controls. The last date to migrate from Zoho Docs to WorkDrive is February 15, 2023. After this date, no one can access the Zoho Docs account and cannot use the software.

Wondering how to migrate from Zoho Docs to WorkDrive? No worries! This guide will tell you how to access Zoho WorkDrive and transform how your team works together.

Zoho WorkDrive Software is an Online File Management Software which gives a secure, shared workspace to create files, collaborate with employees and make teamwork happen.

Pricing Plans That Scales Your Business

Which plans support migration from Docs to WorkDrive?

WorkDrive will support migration with these incredible plans includes:

  • Free, Standard, and Premium plans of Docs for both organizations and individuals
  • Zoho Docs as part of the Zoho One bundle
  • Zoho Docs as part of the Workplace bundle

Important Note: All Workplace users can get the migration tool from Zoho Mail’s Control Panel.

How Can You Migrate Files From Docs Desktop Sync To WorkDrive Desktop Sync?

As mentioned above, Zoho WorkDrive is available across all workplace plans to enable your team to collaborate and connect with everyone on one platform.

You can get advanced file storage for teams and a platform to create files, share with the team members and secure storage of files with ease. Migrate your data from Zoho Docs to Zoho WorkDrive with a smooth migration tool and move all files quickly.

You can easily migrate files from Docs Desktop Sync to WorkDrive Desktop Sync by downloading files like zdoc, zsheet, and zslide manually to the computer and getting them as docx, xlsx, and pptx files. Meanwhile, you can upload or sync them to Zoho WorkDrive.

Zoho Docs Migration For Organizations

  • For Paid Organizations

Migration steps:

  • Log in to your Zoho Docs Account.
  • Tap on the Settings icon at the top-right corner and choose the Admin Panel.
  • Click on the WorkDrive Migration
  • Tap on the Set up your team. (You can see all data of existing users).
  • Select Continue.
  • Click Schedule Migration and select the required time.
  • Then click on Process Scheduled Migration to migrate users’ data.

Important Note:

Click on Cancel Migration to cancel the scheduled migration. You can see user details like name, total size, and le count by clicking on the Details.

  • For Free Docs Organizations

Migration steps:

  • Log in to your Docs account.
  • Select Settings and click on the Admin Panel.
  • Click the WorkDrive Migration tab.
  • Choose to set up your team.
  • Continue the setup and select Schedule Migration.
  • Select the required date and time.
  • Click Process Scheduled Migration.

Note: You can cancel Migration anytime and see user details by clicking on the Details.

  • Migration For Individuals

These steps will help to migrate your account data from Zoho Docs to WorkDrive.

  • Log in to your Zoho Docs Account.
  • Tap on the Switch Now button at the top.
  • Mark the checkbox to read the migration terms and conditions.
  • Tap on Accept to proceed.
  • Select Migrate to Zoho WorkDrive.

Note: You can easily create a new individual plan account in WorkDrive and easily migrate your data to that account.

All users can migrate their data and contact the WorkDrive support team for any refund from a Docs subscription.

Zoho WorkDrive Subscription & Migration Process from Zoho Docs

  • After the Zoho WorkDrive subscription, you cannot get access to your Zoho Docs account.
  • If you purchased your Zoho Docs subscription online, you must add your subscription details to the payment page to renew your payment in WorkDrive.
  • If you purchased your Zoho Docs subscription offline, you must contact the WorkDrive Support team after migration to renew your future subscription in WorkDrive.
  • After downgrading your Docs account, you can contact the WorkDrive support team for a refund.
  • Your files synced to your computer via Docs Sync will not be deleted. You can easily create a backup of your files in numerous locations and delete sync folders if needed.
  • You can upgrade or downgrade your WorkDrive plan and remove storage add-ons anytime.
  • CRM mail merge files uploaded to Zoho Docs will be migrated to WorkDrive. You can store mail merge files and use them efficiently.
  • CRM files stored in Zoho Docs through CRM workflow integration will be migrated to WorkDrive. Before scheduling the migration, you must reconfigure the workflow integration to store files.
  • You can easily migrate Zoho Docs files that were stored via Zoho Creator workflow integration.

For further details and guidance for migration from Zoho Docs to WorkDrive, you can contact the KG CRM SOLUTIONS’ developers and move ahead!