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How Can You Integrate IndiaMart with Zoho Bigin in 2023? [Updated Guide]

IndiaMart with Zoho Bigin in 2023

Do you struggle to keep your IndiaMart panel updated, engaged and empowered? Do you foresee the day when all your business members are active in the collective growth of your CRM system? How Can You Integrate IndiaMart with Zoho Bigin in 2023?

Driving engagement while sharing best practices in an IndiaMart panel just got a little easier. Integrate IndiaMart with Zoho Bigin to build strong and supportive relationships with your customers and encourage them to make long-term relations.

With a new modern designed interface, the Zoho Bigin offers an easy-to-navigate CRM system that can manage customers, sales deals, support tickets, customer onboarding, order delivery, contracts and everything in between. It provides greater support to manage marketing operations and streamline your customer operations in one platform.

Say goodbye to the ho-hum task of logging into your IndiaMart panel. Get Zoho Bigin Software for searching inquiries and recreating them as Contacts. Highly configurable, Zoho Bigin deploys quickly with ease, giving immediate value without any complexities.

Make confident CRM decisions, automate the sales cycle and close deals faster by qualifying and prioritising sales leads, then track engaged users every step of the way.

So, if you are among the IT experts in India and want to spend money on CRM Software services, check our recommendations for the best Zoho CRM Software Solutions. Let’s find out how to Integrate IndiaMart with Zoho Bigin.

Why Choose Zoho Bigin?

Zoho Bigin is designed to manage leads and customer relations across different sales pipeline stages and bridge the gap between a spreadsheet’s simplicity and a CRM’s power.

It brings advanced CRM tools that help to centralize customer-facing operations in one place. Zoho Bigin provides an out-of-the-box solution for all your business needs and stamps out the use of spreadsheets and other applications.

With Zoho Bigin, you can manage all your business processes in a single system and enhance the relationships with your customers effectively. It is specifically designed for small and micro businesses to manage customer interactions and sales processes effectively.

With Zoho Bigin, businesses can centralize their customer data, track leads, manage sales pipelines, and automate various sales-related tasks. It provides a user-friendly interface and intuitive workflows to streamline sales processes and improve productivity. Some key features of Zoho Bigin include:

Lead Management:

Zoho Bigin allows businesses to capture and track leads from multiple sources, assign them to sales representatives, and monitor their progress through the sales pipeline.

Contact Management:

Users can store and organize contact information, including email conversations, notes, and activities related to each contact. This helps in maintaining a comprehensive view of customer interactions.

Deal Management:

Zoho Bigin enables businesses to manage their sales opportunities by tracking deal stages, associated contacts, activities, and expected revenues. This helps in prioritizing sales efforts and closing deals efficiently.

Pipeline Management:

The software visually represents the sales pipeline, allowing users to monitor the progress of deals at each stage. It helps in identifying bottlenecks and taking necessary actions to move deals forward.


Zoho Bigin offers automation capabilities to streamline repetitive tasks, such as lead assignments, email follow-ups, and data updates. This saves time and ensures consistent and timely actions.


Zoho Bigin integrates with other Zoho applications and popular third-party tools, allowing businesses to synchronize data and streamline workflows across different systems.

Zoho Bigin is a cost-effective CRM solution tailored to the needs of small businesses. It provides essential features for managing customer relationships and sales processes, helping companies to improve efficiency and drive growth.

What is IndiaMart?

IndiaMart is an Indian online business-to-business (B2B) marketplace that connects buyers and suppliers. It is one of the largest online marketplaces in India, facilitating trade between businesses across various industries and sectors. IndiaMart acts as a platform where buyers can find suppliers and products, and suppliers can showcase their offerings to a wide audience.

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It caters to various industries, including manufacturers, wholesalers, exporters, and service providers. The platform covers multiple products and services, such as machinery, textiles, electronics, chemicals, and agricultural products.

IndiaMart offers features that enable businesses to create profiles, list their products or services, and connect with potential buyers. Buyers can search for specific products or browse through categories to find relevant suppliers. The platform provides tools for communication, negotiation, and secure transactions between buyers and suppliers.

IndiaMart has played a significant role in digitising Indian businesses, tiny and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), by providing them with an online presence and access to a larger market. It has contributed to the growth of B2B trade in India by fostering connections and facilitating business transactions across the country.

How To Integrate IndiaMart with Zoho Bigin?

Integrating IndiaMART with Zoho Bigin can help streamline your lead management and customer relationship processes. Although no direct integration is available between IndiaMART and Zoho Bigin, you can use a workaround to connect the two platforms.

KG CRM SOLUTIONS can help you to Integrate IndiaMART with Zoho Bigin without any hassles.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you integrate IndiaMART with Zoho Bigin:

  1. Obtain API Access from IndiaMART:

    • Contact IndiaMART support or visit their developer documentation to obtain the necessary API access credentials (API key, secret key, etc.). They will provide you with the required information to authenticate and interact with their API.
  2. Set up Webhooks in IndiaMART:

    • IndiaMART does not provide direct APIs for fetching leads. However, they offer webhooks to receive lead information in real time. Contact IndiaMART support to set up webhooks for lead notifications. You must provide them with the endpoint URL where IndiaMART should send the lead data.
  3. Create an API Endpoint to Receive IndiaMART Leads:

    • To receive lead data from IndiaMART, you must create an API endpoint on your server or use a middleware service like Zapier, Integromat, or Microsoft Power Automate. Configure the endpoint to accept incoming data from IndiaMART’s webhooks and process it accordingly.
  4. Authenticate and Connect Zoho Bigin:

    • Zoho Bigin provides APIs and webhooks to interact with its platform. You must authenticate with Zoho Bigin and make the necessary connections to manage leads and contacts.
    • Obtain the required API credentials (Client ID, Client Secret) from Zoho Bigin. You may need to create a Zoho Developer account and register an application to get the credentials.
  5. Configure Data Mapping and Sync:

    • Once you have both IndiaMART and Zoho Bigin set up, you need to map the fields from IndiaMART leads to the corresponding fields in Zoho Bigin.
    • For example, you might map the lead name, email, phone number, company name, etc., from IndiaMART to the relevant fields in Zoho Bigin.
    • Use your API endpoint or middleware service to transform and sync the lead data received from IndiaMART to Zoho Bigin using the mapped fields.
  6. Test and Monitor the Integration:

    • After setting up the integration, test the flow by creating a test lead in IndiaMART and ensuring it synchronises with Zoho Bigin.
    • Monitor the integration regularly to ensure data consistency and troubleshoot any potential issues that may arise.

Remember, this workaround requires technical expertise or the assistance of a developer to implement the API connections and data synchronization. If you don’t have the necessary skills in-house, you can contact our Certified Zoho Developers in India, who will help you set up the integration between IndiaMART and Zoho Bigin.