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Don’t let you customer feel ignored. With Our Best Email Automation Platform, respond your customers/leads immediately or periodically so That Drives Revenue!

Email Automation Software

Email Automation automatically sends marketing and sales emails or action-triggered emails to contacts or leads with relevant information. It is helpful for various marketing purposes and helps to nurture new leads and send greetings or automated blog updates that take the legwork out of staying in touch with your audience.

Email Automation Software in India
Benefits of Email Automation
Lets take your buisness to new heights!

Heroic Benefits Of Email Marketing Automation

Using Email Marketing Automation Software is one of the most efficient methods of communicating with prospective customers interested in getting updates on your brand.

  • Generate leads and gain valuable insights
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Carefully planned email strategy
  • Reduce the potential for errors
  • Get more detailed reporting
  • Keep leads engaged and convert them into sales
Why Email Automation For Your Business?

Engage with your Prospects and contacts faster, gain trust and chase prospect details more quickly

Personalize Your Customer’s Experience

With Best Email Automation, you can even create a series of automated emails to grow your relationships with your audience. It can improve the efficiency of the email marketing process through the sales funnel.

Create High Converting Emails To Stand Out From The Crowd

You don’t need a designer or an artist to create beautiful, designed emails because our Best Email Automation Software brings advanced features like default styling, saved content blocks, and layouts. Build engagement-worthy emails now!

Leading Deliverability To Supercharge Your Emails

As email marketing starts with deliverability, our out-of-the-box Email Automation Tools have an excellent infrastructure to handle email delivery, give option to have SPF and DKIM record and domain authentications for better email delivery.

How do KG CRM SOLUTIONS help with Email Automation?

We help you to consult and plan email workflow that help to nurture contacts. Zoho Email Automation Software is customizable, which gives you ready made email templates, saves time and ensures you will reach out to valuable contacts automatically. Optimize your send times and capture more emails with us!

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Automated Email Responses

You can create impactful data-driven email responses without depending on any IT Expert. Automated Email Responses are pre-determined replies for incoming emails, including welcome and thanks emails. It also confirms to the sender that their email has been received.

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Scheduled Email Series

The Scheduled Email Series allows you to set the stage for your new contact while increasing engagement and sales simultaneously. Automating your email series is all about timing. Email Automation is effective because it allows you to reach clients at a time that's right for them.

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Followup Emails

Supercharge your daily communication with a follow-up email and keep connected with the customers you’ve already contacted once before. Email Automation helps to create follow-up emails and a reminder for a previous email you’ve sent.

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Instruction Emails

Send well-timed emails with automation features, making your communications much more accessible. With Best Email Automation, you can set up the instruction emails that usually send to clarify precisely what you want to do on a project or anything else.

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