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Unlock The Power Of Customer Feedback With Best Help Desk Software

Customer Feedback With Best Help Desk Software

Looking for the best Help Desk Ticketing System? Get to know more about Customer Feedback With Best Help Desk Software. You’ve found the right place!

Meeting with different needs of the customers can be cringe-worthy if we don’t give them what they want. Businesses aim to win customers’ hearts and keep them always happy. They want to make things easier for customers and deliver happiness.

We bring the all-new Zoho Desk Software to tackle all your customers’ problems! With our Best Help Desk Software Solutions, you can deliver happiness to your team and prospects on three important fronts, which we consider the cornerstones of superior customer service.

1) Enchanting omnichannel experiences to the next level.

2) Escalating self-service options to reinforce customer-business relationships.

3) Amplifying our user interface to enrich customer service agents’ experience.

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On-The-Spot messaging

We at KG CRM SOLUTIONS are thrilled to bring a new way of interacting with prospects through Advanced Helpdesk Solutions at the Zoho Desk. Its Instant Messaging feature will enable you to reach your business through WhatsApp, Telegram, LINE, WeChat, and Facebook Messenger (coming soon).

You can get the combined tools with a comprehensive IM module and new features designed to maximize productivity. With Zoho Desk, you can get instant notifications of incoming chats and easily connect with customers from the interface you already use.

You can also:

  • Track customer information, including contact and ticket details, cross-channel conversation history, and attachment details within the customer chat window for immediate context.
  • Access and attach informative articles.
  • Add yourself to multiple chats across channels simultaneously.
  • Assign conversations and transfer chats to your teammates.
  • Convert leads into clients.

In addition, you can set auto-responses to acknowledge messages when you are flooded with tickets and automate workflows for instant messaging. From the dashboards of Zoho Desk, you can view and track the conversation of your customer support team, track incoming and outgoing messages, get a bird’s eye view of essential metrics and supervise the team’s efforts.

With Zoho Desk Software, you can give the easiest way for your customers to contact you by installing QR codes or embedding the easy-to-implement ” Message Us” button on your website.

Counselled Conversations

With Zoho Desk Software, you can get the best self-service options where customer support professionals can easily tackle your customers’ problems. This feature gives you a proactive, low-code, self-service platform and a path to easily answer your customer’s queries.

A guided conversation flow leads customers to the best possible solutions and helps to boost your audience with specific functionalities. This feature can be used in various situations, including bookings, placing orders, requesting a return and gathering information.

Besides, you can choose a variety of blocks to build a conversation, including multiple response formats (text, images, currency, date and time), message cards, images and other details. By adding variables, you can determine the sequence of events based on your clients. You can even pick flows from pre-defined templates.

With Zoho Desk Software, you can configure Webhook blocks and build your conversation flow effectively. It helps you to retrieve customers’ information from your CRM and integrate third-party apps easily.

Enhanced Experience

Have you noticed the “Try New Version” option in Zoho Desk or tried the revamped user interface in Zoho Desk? Zoho Desk is now more logical and gives you the best working experience.

What changes will you see in Zoho Desk:

  • Cleaner UI and Easier Navigation

Zoho Desk Software is built with an attractive, cohesive and comprehensible user interface. It gives you more context, effectively presents data and helps to navigate. Your customer support team can quickly access relevant information and help customers faster.

Zoho Desk Software has an optimized UI, which helps navigate different screens to locate the correct information. It also gives a holistic picture of your client’s details and tickets on one screen.

What’s New In Zoho Desk?

Zoho Desk provides:

  • Latest Headquarters View, which helps to revamp the overall look.
  • Detailed Ticket View for easier navigation between conversations and comments.
  • Detailed Contact View with quick-add buttons, pending tickets section, and ticket insights overview.
  • Ticket Queue View, drop-down status options, give quick updates without opening the ticket detail view.
  • A new Mark as read/unread option in the Ticket List View.
  • Consolidate Work Modes drop-down implemented throughout the Tickets Module.

Although Zoho Desk always helps users to access all its products with new accessibility controls. It has multiple controls to support your vision and learning needs.

  • Best screen reader to render the content on your screen.
  • Highlight critical information to display key information, like ticket ID, ticket owner and contact details, in a striking colour.
  • Emphasize focus area to add a border around your area and focus to indicate the extent and clickability.
  • Animation controls to optimize animations and transitions across your help desk dash.
  • Reading Mask to eliminate distractions by masking text you aren’t currently reading.
  • Zoom Level to zoom in and out until the page is easy to view.
  • Keyboard Focus Navigation to navigate screens between switch tabs and perform tasks using only keyboard keys.

That’s a wrap!

We at KG CRM SOLUTIONS would love to be a part of your journey in building happy clients and visitors as you take up new challenges in 2023.  You can get all the features and enhancements you sought with Zoho Desk Advanced Solutions.

For further details and Zoho Desk Consultation Services, you can connect with our Certified Zoho Developer and move ahead!