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Celebrating five years of Zoho one

Celebrating Five years of Zoho One

Well , Every anniversary is a milestone in which Zoho has successfully Completed his five years. Zoho One is a broad and connected set of applications that work collectively to run an entire business on the cloud. It includes more than 35 web applications and an equal number of mobile apps under a single sign-on, with centralized administration and provisioning making it a true operating system for any business. While each application punches above its weight against the competition, collectively they deliver a knockout punch.

Over the last five years, Zoho One has added 10 new apps and countless services in dialog with businesses to meet their evolving needs, while acutely reducing customers’ total cost of ownership in adopting and maintaining the platform.

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End-to-End Unification

Zoho One is built entirely in-house, on a single technology stack, resulting in a truly unified, end-to-end platform with hundreds of integration points across its applications.  And Zoho One brings context to communication and collaboration among colleagues, customers, and vendors, enabling easy access to relevant information stored across different applications in the platform.

Zoho can deliver end-to-end unification by owning and operating its entire technology including 10 data centers strategically located across Countries.
 About Zoho one Journey
Zoho is one of the largest Indian online software companies for all kinds of small and large scale businesses. This Platform provides a comprehensive for IT products that can used efficiently as a medium to run a business. It has various ways to expand a business, such as the featured applications and the applications that help in remote networking. Zoho also covers sales and marketing, e-mail and collaboration along with finance.
In 1996, the company started as and stayed the same till 2009. Back in the time, the company was established to provide network management to its clients. With passing time, the company has seen a considerable profit in their business as the services started to spread globally. The name of the company was changed because the owners wanted to depict the evolution of the company.