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5 best Salesforce alternatives: find the CRM that matches your business needs

CRM (Customer Relationship Management ) systems have become an integral part of the business. They automate functioning for many processes and make data handling much easier. But when it comes to CRMs, Salesforce has acquired a vast user base, but not everyone has that much of a budget or requires that many features for their company. Some of you might have had some bad experiences with Salesforce, and that’s why you are here, looking for  Salesforce alternatives.

Now the question arises if there are other alternatives that can work efficiently to replace Salesforce and are feasible for your budget.

 While looking for an alternative, one must consider a robust set of features, particularly lead management, sales forecasting, and analytics. For businesses to manage and make it user-friendly, they must have excellent customer support too.

Hence, one should consider the following points:

  •         Reporting and Analytics 
  •         Customization
  •         Customer Support

 KG CRM Solutions bring a detailed and helpful comparison for the alternatives of Salesforce



1. Zoho CRM

zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is also a cloud-based CRM for sales, marketing, and support teams. Moreover, it is flexible enough to fit your organization with an interactive user interface for the new users. With setu wizards, things become much easier and simpler in the initial period, and one doesn’t feel alien to CRM’s features. If you are looking for the best Salesforce alternative free, then you can even try Zoho’s free plan, which will automate your work progress efficiently. With AI-driven CRM with a huge scope of customization, data analysis becomes much smoother. To give a tough competition to other CRMs, it can be integrated and collaborated with other applications easily like Slack, OneDriv, etc., to improve the productivity of the team. The best thing about Zoho is its highly reliable customer support with a low pricing plan. Hence it can be a perfect deal for your organization and can even offer a better experience than Salesforce. A perfect tool for a small business that provides quite useful tools to track progress and a lot of customization for every business’ taste.


  •         Time-saving tools
  •         Visualize your reporting 
  •         Inventory management tools 
  •         Maximize social media functions 


2. Copper

copper crm

If you are looking for a CRM solution that works symbiotically with G Suite, then this CRM option is a good option. You can add lead to the system from Gmail, and users have positively reviewed its account management team. 

  • A great option for small businesses
  • Secure with insights
  • Customization with automation

Limited features as one of the Salesforce alternatives for small business at the basic plan. If you want to upgrade the plan for some added features, the bill can be unexpectedly high. Sometimes it is unreliable, and email tracking becomes confusing.



  3. Pipedrive


Don’t want something over the top but want a similar Salesforce alternative? Pipedrive fits the bill. A minimalist interface makes the process a lot smoother. Moreover, you get more storage for your email with a minimalist interface. Around 20 integration can be added with room for customization at each stage of sales. 

  • Summarization of reports
  • Mobile app integrations are available 
  • Customizable form

Limited features and can’t help in analyzing data for making a better decision.



 4. HubSpot CRM


 Now, when we talk about big organizations/enterprises, HubSpot CRM comes into action with its powerful list of features that are easy to use, thus making the tasks simpler. We can’t compare this CRM with Salesforce as it is seen as an add-on on Salesforce to provide added support to the existing CRM. It can work well for lead management.


It is a free option with a limit of 1 million contacts, but due to limited features, it can’t help data analysis that Salesforce can help with. Thus, for analytical dashboards, you would need to rely on other CRM solutions.



 5. Freshworks CRM


If you are looking for some reliable Salesforce alternatives, this CRM option must be listed in the options. It is affordable with a better user experience and quality of support.

  • Better consumer ratings
  • Multiple pipeline management
  • Integrates well with many integrations

When it comes to advance plans, the bill will be costly, and that too with limited features.



We tried to list some reliable alternatives to Salesforce which can improve your experience. After comparison, it is clear that Zoho CRM is a better option among all. You can get several integrations with AI at a competitive cost. So it is considered as the best Salesforce alternative. Now automate your sales process with efficient CRM without cutting on the pockets.