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Zoho just upgraded it’s Creator API


Zoho Creator API: API is the Application Programming Interface. API is the set of Programming protocols and tools that specify how your CRM, Creator can interact with another software program. Click on the below link.

Steps to create OAuth Authentication :

  1. Register Client: Register your application with Zoho to receive your client Credentials, which we will use to identify you Go to the Zoho Developer Console if it’s the first time your registering client application, Click Get started. Choose a client type according to your Choice and create New Client,  then auto Generate your Client ID & Secrete
  2. Authorization request by accessing the URL:<client_id>&scope=<scope>&redirect_uri=<redirect_uri>&access_type=offline
  3. Where Parameter Client_id, scope, redirect_uri these are Mandatory &  access type (online or offline ) is Optional Parameter.
  4. Generate Access Token & Refresh
  5. Refresh the Access Tokens: Access tokens expire in an hour. Client applications must make the following request and use their user’s refresh token to generate another access token.
  6. Revoke the Refresh Token

REST-API’s V2API’sFollow Rest Standards i.e the use the HTTP request methods

GET- Fetch the records

POST- Insert New records

PUT-Update the exiting records

DELETE- Delete the records

We can use these methods in Zoho creator to Create, update, fetch & delete the records (i.e Record by ID)

Zoho Creator provides RESTful APIs that allow you to interface with your Zoho Creator apps to fetch, add, update, and delete data.