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Working with Zoho Cliq platform

Working with Zoho Cliq platform

Zoho Cliq:

Zoho Cliq is Business Communication Software. Cliq is a real-time messaging tool built for a company or group. with features such as audio/video calling, group video calling, file sharing, and chatbot. Cliq is everything you will ever need for internal collaboration.

Simplifier your team communication with organized conversations. information that’s easy to find and by connecting to the tools. you love

Cliq provides a platform for building internal tools to automate your everyday work activities and also to bring data from other applications you use right inside the chat window with the help of commands, Bots Message, Actions, and Functions.

Cliq’s platform can be used in various ways to make your day to day work activities more convenient. For instance Bot, a marketing team can have a bot bring them details of their campaigns and surveys broadcasted on different social media platforms. This bot can notify the team about the engagement statistics for a particular post or when they are trending on any social media.


a software application that runs automated tasks.


Contacts are a user who accepted your invites and vice- versa

Chat Window:

is the window in which you entered text to converse in 1-1 chat, group chat channels, and bot.


Chats are where the connection takes place in Cliq form anything to everything. e.g – tasks assigned/event scheduled, Brainstorming new ideas, discussion, on the latest technology, internal queries, 1:1 chat & group chat, Calls, and Screenshares.
Zoho Cliq

Internal Tools: Bots, Commands, Message Actions, Forms, Functions, Databases, Connections, Channel webhooks, schedulers, Widgets.

  1. Bots: A bot is a software application that runs automated tasks. in day to day your work easier and simpler. it is a conversational interface that takes care of your travel tasks. Think of a bot like your assistant to perform any monotonous job for you!
what can bots do: 

A bot is your system powered contact or your colleague with which you can interact with as you do with any other person. The bot can be programmed to respond to your queries, to perform an action on your behalf, and to notify you for any important event.

  1. Slash Commands: Slash commands are shortcuts that you can use to perform everyday tasks quickly from inside the chat window. You can find commands you’ve created under My Commands and commands created by others under All Commands.

Commands like /pin and /mute help the user pin or mute the respective channel or a chat.

Two types of commands: ( i) Built-in commands (ii) Custom commands.

  1. Message: Message actions help you perform an action to an individual message, once it has been sent. Apart from the default message actions such as Reply, Forward and Copy that are already available, this integration lets you add new action entries for a message.

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How to create a message action:

i. Click your display picture and select Bots and tools.

ii. In the integrations page select messages action.

iii. Now Create Message Action and set the Name your message action. Remember to keep it relevant to the purpose of the actions. this field is mandatory.

iii. Hint Describe the purpose of the action in clear words.

iv. Access level Decide who gets to access your message action. Choose between Organization, Personal. The default option is Personal.

v. Choose message types for this action. Options are Text messages, Attachments, and Links.

vi. Click Save and Edit Code.

  1. Function: 

A function is a structured piece of code, that can execute a task when a button is clicked or when a form is submitted. The idea behind a function is to simplify workflows by providing accessibility to applications.

Steps to create a new function: 

i. Click on your display picture and select Bots and Tools.

ii. In the integrations page select Functions and click Create Function.

iii. Name Name of your choice for the function.

iv.Description: Brief explanation about the functionality.

v. Function Type: Select the function type based on your implementation.Function Type

Schedulers: Schedulers in Cliq help in automating all your routine tasks. The scheduler can be triggered to execute at different time periods and can also be scheduled for repeated execution, be it every day, weekly, or every month as well as.

i. Now Create a Schedulers.

ii. Set your Scheduler Name & Descriptions.

iii. Recurring Period – The scheduler can be triggered to execute at different time periods (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) Pick a time period of your choice!

iv. Time of Executions: Specify a time to execute the scheduler.

  1. Cliq Databases: Cliq Database is the perfect storage solution when building integrations on the Cliq Platform. It provides the ability to store, sync, update data items with easy access.

Working with Cliq Databases: we can working with different ways like create a Record, Get Record, Update Record, Delete Record, Get Records of Details with Record By ID

e.g – i.  zoho.cliq.createRecord(<database_name>,<values_map>);

ii.    zoho.cliq.getRecords(<database_name>,<values_map>);

iii.   zoho.cliq.getRecordById(<database_name>,<values_map>);

iv.    zoho.cliq.updateRecord(<database_name>, record_id,                   <values_map>);

v.     zoho.cliq.deleteRecord(<database_name>, record_id);

vi.   zoho.cliq.deleteRecords(<database_name>, record_id);

  1. Connection: Connections is an interface to integrate third party services with your Zoho Service, in this case, Cliq. These connections are used in an URL invocation task to access authenticated data. To establish a connection, it is necessary to provide a Connection Name, Authentication Type amongst other details.

Connections are two types:

i. Own Connection (it is created by you)

Working with Zoho Cliq platform

ii. Shared Connection: (Connections created by others and authenticated by you will be listed under shared connection.)

Shared Connection