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Send WhatsApp messages to customers within Zoho CRM

whatsapp msg with zoho crm

We are glad to announce the integration between WhatsApp Business and Zoho CRM. Our Solution can allow you launch webhooks, run workflows, manage WhatsApp In/Out and all tracking in just on place in a friendly way. I think It’s awesome because it looks like so are starting to natively integrate different communication tools such as WhatsApp which of course it’s also saving you some money for third party applications that you were using , so that’s awesome that was a quick update from the side of Zoho.

Key Features:
  • Add leads and contacts to Zoho CRM from WhatsApp Messaging
  • Save your conversations from WhatsApp Messaging and view them in Zoho CRM
  • Switch between the different Zoho CRM layouts, offering the possibility of creating leads with different custom fields from WhatsApp.
  • Search and find contacts and leads stored in Zoho CRM and start a conversation with them easily, without the hassle of saving them to WhatsApp beforehand.
Advantages of WhatsApp Business Integration:
  1. Most efficient and widely used platform. With More than 1.3 billion active users WhatsApp is used by all age groups. Further it is much easy to read than to read an Email.
  2. In addition to text message you can also send Images & Website Links.
  3. You can trigger automated events and reach out to customers on important events.
  4. You can also timely remind customers for your service renewal dates.
  5. Creates a Brand Image of your services/products as Social media platform have heavy influence on customers choice.
  6. Feedback taken on WhatsApp will give you more response. In fact delighted customers will give your services/products higher rating
Optimized Business Marketing

The WhatsApp CRM integration enables you to send a useful catalog of images, location, documents, audios, videos, to your potential customer. Based on the interest of your customers, you can send them marketing collateral that can spark their interest.

In this way, you can nurture leads and increase the chances of conversion as well. When you start putting this into practice, this can turn into one of the best ways to move the leads down the sales funnel and increase your chances of conversion.


The Zoho CRM integration with WhatsApp enables you to send automated messages with complete details about all your products and services to your current or even potential customers. The best part is that these messages are simple to set up and they can be sent out very quickly with just a little effort.

Therefore, you can ensure that your customers get the information they need without making them wait in any way or even risking their annoyance. You can also go a step ahead and save the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. This helps in reusing the answers in the future and it also helps in increasing the speed of the issue resolution process followed by your business.


WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications out there that is used by one and all. It is used for both personal and business purposes. Organizations use it to leverage more benefits by integrating it with their CRM systems. The integration will allow your WhatsApp instance to use information that is already contained in your CRM.