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Why To Replace Authtokens with OAuth

Digital security is one of the primary concerns while operating in the Digital World.  OAuth 2.0 is the industry standard protocol for authenticating user data. 

It is a highly secured & open data sharing standard that offers full-suite protection to every app. 

It provides access to the user data by offering access to the user’s data without revealing confidential information & credentials of the user. This standard allows third-party users to make request without asking for access to passwords & other critical information of a user. 

This system ensures your user’s data stays safe, without any threat of data theft.

How it works?

The system is very simple. OAuth uses username & passwords token instead of directly using them. Under this system, it allocates specific token number to the confidential information like credit card details, medical records, user ids, & password.

For e.g., when your user logs in LinkedIn, OAuth allows LinkedIn to authenticate the user’s information, without revealing his/her password & other credentials 

All this confidential information is stored at remote location, ensuring 100% safety & security. 

Benefits of OAuth

OAuth is extremely flexible as it uses SSL (Secured Socket Layer) for Data transfer between Servers & Browsers. SSL is considered one of the most secured & safe mode of storing data.

One of the most critical benefits of OAuth is its tokenization method to authenticate the request. 

It means, every critical information of the user is given a specific token. So when any third-party app requests the authentication, OAuth approves the request via token. This eliminates the need of sharing confidential information with the third party, offering better security.

OAuth is extremely easy to implant. Moreover, it is fully revocable. It means, if you want to revoke the authentication due to any suspicion, it can be done very easily.

Final thoughts

OAuth is proving extremely efficient & safe in the current Digital Wordl. IT’s easy implementation, rapid integration & robust security, makes it a primary choice over other options. 

With the rising threats in the current times, we would recommend choosing OAuth over Authotkens as it is more versatile & efficient. 

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