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How it Looks Like

All the details about the medical suppliers, financials, and pharmaceutical divisions of the healthcare clinic or hospital are available on a single platform.

The doctors can check the patient’s health information updated on the Healthcare CRM by a nurse or an attendant.

It helps medical professionals deliver instant solutions to the patient’s problems and improve the overall performance of the healthcare institution.

Zoho Healthcare CRM lets you connect with your patients on a real-time basis and consequently resolve their grievances and queries.

All the data related to your patient or suppliers get safely stored in the Healthcare CRM database


A comparison chart for traditional and digital healthcare infrastructure

Basis of comparisonTradional WayGoing digital with Zoho CRM
Speed of serviceIn the absence of digital methods, it was difficult for the patients to reach for a doctor on time.Using a CRM can provide accurate information to the healthcare authorities about the doctors on duty easily and quickly.
ConvenienceTo know about a patient's medical record, a doctor had to conduct multiple tests every time.CRM has all the information about a patient's medical history. So, one can avoid repetitive tests.
MonitoringMonitoring the patients required to make frequent visits and thus kept the doctors occupied and unavailable for new patients.The doctors can check the patient's health information updated on the Healthcare CRM by a nurse or an attendant.
PrivacyChances were that a patient's record could be accessed by anyone.A person's medical record remains private and safe in CRM software. Only the authorized parties have access to this data.