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A Grand Event Of Zoholics In India To Meet The Zoho Leaders & Partners

Zoholics India

We attended the MEGA Event “ZOHOLICS In India” to hear about the latest Zoho Solutions.

KG CRM SOLUTIONS exhibited their Business Management Platform at the Zoholics India conference on 9th and 10th November 2022.

This magnitude occurred after a delay of 3 years, which assisted all attended about the future innovations. Zoholics has been an excellent opportunity for us to grow our network base with hands-on experience and training sessions. We learned how to deliver exceptional customer experience to grow your businesses.

We were inspired by keynote speakers and participated in this annual conference with veterans and teams who have already used Zoho to expand their businesses. Overall, ZOHOLICS India was an excellent event for both clients and partners.

It was Zoholics in India on November 9th and 10th. Here are the highlights:

  • Zoho One will have an improved and advanced interface soon
  • Zoho will be the one who improves integrations between applications
  • India is growing strongly for Zoho. Zoho Software has become the most popular product for business management in India.

What Was Zoholics 2022?

Zoholics was an event of Zoho’s Corporation, an annual conference held perennially, where all Zoho partners, clients, and users interacted directly with developers of Zoho Applications. Moreover, all connected with like-minded people from various companies and industries that have turned to Zoho to transform their businesses.

How Zoholics Was Beneficial For Us?

Following are the top 4 reasons why we attended Zoholics In India;

  • Zoholics covered everything from primary usage to advanced techniques of applications. It was an ideal event where we learned new tricks and gained the knowledge to help transform any business and improve our experiences.
  • We got to discover Zoho products that work for your business model.
  • We are inspired by real-life stories of customers and Zoho’s Partners about how they have transformed their businesses with Zoho.

Speakers To Follow The Event

  • Sridhar Vembu, CEO & Co-founder of Zoho
  • Neelesh Misra, Founder – The Slow Movement, Gaon Connection
  • Vidya Vasudevan, Community Head of Zoho
  • Rajendran Dandapani, Director of Engineering, Zoho
  • Praval Singh, VP – Marketing & Customer Experience, Zoho
  • Sunil Lalvani, Vise President – Sales, Zoho

KG CRM SOLUTIONS As Zoho Authorized Partners

We, KG CRM SOLUTIONS, attained Zoho Authorized Partners status and became renowned Zoho Advanced Solutions Providers in India. We have successfully implemented Zoho Solutions for many organizations in India and many other countries.

We are excited to inform you that we attended the Zoholics India Event this year at The Ashok Hotel, New Delhi, on November 9-10. Our team gained insights into multiple Zoho Products and discovered the best product for your business to lead you towards success.

We assure you that Zoho will be the best software that helps to move towards success.

  • Zoho launches new products every year and makes changes in the pipeline. Zoho introduces Zoho Canva, a superb CRM UX customization tool and many more.
  • Zoho will provide you with the best financial products with best practices.
  • Zoho’s privacy is always the primary differentiator and commitment for customers.
  • Zoho will give the advanced technology that allows you to be the best entrepreneur

Although Zoho Tools can help you to:

  • Scale hyper-targeted communication with the best marketing tools
  • Monitoring with Advanced CRM Tools
  • Online Conferencing Tools

Zoho Authorized Partners In India

KG CRM SOLUTIONS is a Zoho Authorized Partner In India. We help businesses to digitalize their business processes with Advanced Software Solutions like Zoho. Our developers offer end-to-end implementation and integrations of all Zoho One Suite Applications, including Zoho CRM, CRM Plus, Zoho Books, Zoho People, Zoho Catalyst, Zoho Creator and more.

You can connect with us for further information regarding Zoho Software Solutions and make your transformation journey more insightful. We helped more than 500 businesses around the globe and provided agile project management methodology for a successful journey.