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Zoho CRM Lead Management System

Zoho CRM Lead Management System

Zoho is one of the leading CRM software available in the market. It helps the salespeople to spend more time with customers & understand their needs in a better way. Zoho CRM includes various tools that help businesses to introduce an element of automation in their day-to-day tasks. The automation is possible due to the set of applications provided by Zoho. Zoho CRM has everything you need to generate more leads, close more sales, and grow your business and keep track of sales results.

Zoho CRM is on-demand software that manages customer relations efficiently. It streamlines and automates sales, marketing, and other support from a unified platform. The key features of Zoho CRM are as follows:

  • Sales force automation
  • Multichannel support
  • Process management
  • Sales enablement
  • Performance management
  • Marketing automation
  • Team collaboration
  • Third-party integration
  • Security
Managing lead in Zoho CRM Lead Management System

When you’ve logged into the CRM and are viewing the home Tab .The leads that you will view on the Home Tab are generated from different sources .These sources include trade shows email Campaigns, web forms, cold calling and direct Marketing.

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The Home Tab is showing various pieces of information about your leads .There are various Charts are showing leads in the Zoho CRM. During Campaign if you are maintain a spreadsheet and you can always go into the leads tab and manually enter your leads.

Although a third way is used to use Zoho Business Card Scanner app on your Iphone or Android Phone . You can take a picture of someone’s business card and the system will pull the information from the card and directly create a lead in Zoho CRM.
Zia for lead enrichment
When you are creating a lead, once you type in the company name, Zia will search for more information about the lead based on this company name. These primary fields based on which Zia searches for more information about a record are different for different modules. Once you enter the details for one or more primary fields, Zia crawls the electronic files from across the web and fetches you additional information about this lead such as the company size, phone number, address, etc. These fields for which information is fetched by Zia.