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Working with popups in Zoho Creator

Popups in Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is a low-code application development platform that helps to develop and run multiple business software easily. It helps to take your business globally and build applications flawlessly without worrying about middleware and server updates. In this article we are going to discuss about Working with popups in Zoho Creator.

This Application Development Software helps developers build high-quality business applications without having to manually configure servers.

It also helps to get pre-designed or create pop-ups in Zoho Creator without any coding and design experience. You can engage customers on your website and use their feedback to improve your business instantly.

Meanwhile, all pop-up forms can be customized easily and distributed across desktop and mobile devices to track your visitor’s metrics.

We at KG CRM SOLUTIONS work with pop-ups in Zoho Creator and help add pop-up forms to your website to find the right customers.

We can Open New Forms or reports by three different Ways:

  • New Window
  • Same Window
  • Pop-Up

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Open another Form as a Pop-Up:  We Can Create Pop-up Dialogue in Various Ways in Zoho Creator. for Instance, either Click on the Button which is a custom button in the report, or a function like OpenUrl(“<url>”, “same window”)

The Benefit of Using Pop-Up is that it is time-saving because we can open the form in the same button instead of searching for another form.

Steps to Create a Pop-Up:

  1. create a new page (Dashboard) then add a new button to this page
  2. Click on the button Configure then create the name of the button in Display after that go to Action and choose the type of action like Open Form, open report, open page, etc.
  3. Open the Url by Pop-up and set the height & width according to your requirement

OpenURL(“Script:dialog.close”,”same window”);

Why Should You Create Popups in Zoho Creator?

Use pop-ups in Zoho Creator Application and grab the attention of visitors by showing attractive signup offers, exciting discounts and informative newsletters that can eventually convert them into customers.