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Modules in Zoho CRM

Modules in zoho crm

Modules in Zoho CRM Availables:

  • Leads
  • Contacts
  • Accounts
  • Deals
  • Activities
  • Reports
  • Analytics
  • Marketplace

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Leads Module:

Leads Module, one of the Modules in Zoho CRM in which all data of any organization is added into leads module. Data may be of online mode, offline mode or from any third integrated party with zoho crm. In Zoho CRM user can change view like tabular view or kanban view.

There are two ways to add data In leads module:

  • Manual way
  • Import data from other files.

In manual way user can change fields according to their needs with help of edit page layout. Users can add fields very easily by drag and drop feature.

In import data from other files way user can import data from excel or from any other software.

Contact Module:

In contact module your existing customer’s contacts are available. You can change your potential customer from lead module to contact module when your deal is closed. In this module you can send quotations, invoices to customers. You can customize its fields according to your need.

Accounts Module:

In Zoho CRM’s accounts module you can manage both B2B (business to business) process as well as  B2C (business to customer) process. In B2B process you can track that did you close any deal with that particular company, how much billing, any history. You can check invoices and you can check that with how many clients of that particular company were in touch with you.

Deals Module:

In this deals and opportunities functions are managed. In this history of your closed deals is managed.

Activity Module:

In activity module, you can set a reminder for an activity, schedule any call or meeting. You can create task and assign subordinate here.

Report Module:

In Zoho CRM there are by default reports likes lead report, deal report, activity report, product reports and vendor reports etc. You can create reports as per your needs.

To create new report:

  • Click on report module in Zoho CRM.
  • Then click on create report.
  • Then select a module related to which you want to create a report.
  • You can select another report also.
  • Then click, Continue.
  • Now, select report type: Tabular report, summary report or matrix report.
  • After that, select required fields.
  • Then select filters and advanced filter according to your need.
  • Now click continue.

Quotes Module:

You can send your quotations to your customers through quotes module in Zoho CRM. You can create a new quotations also.