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Manufacturing CRM

Reactivate your manufacturing process with advanced data monitoring and capture real-time data during operations. Manufacturer representatives can quickly build relationships with suppliers, vendors, customers, integrators, and other business stakeholders using our Best Manufacturing CRM Software. Track client information, contact details, and demographics to gain a deeper understanding of your customers.

How it Looks Like

CRM Software for Manufacturing Industry can improve planning, production scheduling and communication processes.

    Manufacturing CRM Software help by serving as a central hub for company data. It gives sales and production forecasts and leads nurturing. Asset tracking and a snapshot of the metrics.


  • A broad overview of sales activities and KPIs
  • Gives new leads, deals, and sales pipeline
  • Brings your sales team’s work into one dashboard
  • Complete activity management dashboard
  • Contain the entire manufacturing process details for the best results

    With Manufacturing CRM Software, you can get the best leads who qualify as strong prospects. Then, it lets you focus on converting high-quality leads to increase sales and revenue.


  • Lead capturing
  • Lead nurturing
  • Lead enrichment
  • Lead tracking
  • Lead distribution

    Our comprehensive CRM Software can integrate inventory management systems into a shared database for streamlined access. In addition, it gives you a snapshot of current fulfilment capabilities.


  • Material supplied details
  • Pricing information
  • Track the current status of the vendor
  • Quality of product and services
  • Track task status and budget spending

    Our CRM Software for Manufacturing Industries is designed to help you do successful marketing by tracking your customer engagement. Track every activity of your customers and recognize their intent to buy.


  • Generate brand awareness
  • Acquire leads
  • Convert leads into customers
  • Give superior customer service
  • Drive upsells

    Analyze your competitive landscape and view digital traffic with comprehensive CRM tools. You’ll have easy access to all customers, prioritize leads, and identify who is planning to purchase something from you.


  • Track client relationships
  • Keep customer contact details up-to-date
  • Get built-in email and event tracking, lead scoring and more
  • Track your sales pipeline
  • Drive more conversation

    CRM for Manufacturing Industries provides you with complete details on one platform. It gives an overview of unattended customers and other activities in the portal.


  • Good labelling system
  • Keep detailed notes of customers
  • Robust database to re-engage potential clients
  • Respond quickly
  • A roadmap to connect customers


Comparison between the traditional and digital methods of running manufacturing business

Basis of comparisonTradional WayUsing Zoho CRM
TimeThere was a high time involvement for carrying on various activities like demand forecasting, connecting with suppliers, etc.Manufacturing CRM promotes more accurate demand forecasting in less time.
Sales forecastingOne had to work hard to get valuable insights into consumer behavior to find data for forecasting future sales and growth.CRM provides you with smart insights and analytics to assist you in accurate sales forecasting.
Supply chain managementKeeping a track of the supply chain with the traditional way of running business was a complex procedure.CRM makes the supply chain run in an effective and efficient manner.
Customer managementIt was tough to keep track of all your customers. To leave your customers satisfied was a distant dream for many manufacturers.Manufacturing CRM facilitates your business to give personalized experiences to your customers.
Business reachYour business was limited to the area in which you operated.Manufacturing concerns can take on the global platform since the CRM helps them expand their customer reach.