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Best Hotel CRM Software

CRM Software is a powerful ally for hotels; It’s the fuel for successful hotel marketing!

Today’s consumers want the best – from hotel rooms to food services. Our CRM Software can drive the change it takes for your business to thrive in the hotel industry. Manage all your hotel operations with cloud-based CRM Software and build holistic solutions to drive your unique guest experiences.

How it Looks Like

    The CRM Software for the hospitality industry gives you user-friendly dashboards that monitor the entire performance of every employee and your team. Also, it gives you an overview of many customers entering the sales funnel, and the exact quantity of leads converted into loyal customers.


  • Trustworthy reporting 24/7
  • Interactive dashboards that showcase data
  • Improve customer retention
  • Manage all interactions with guest
  • Gather the details of each guest without any hassles

    CRM Software gives you a stress-free tenant management platform to maintain a good relationship with tenants and significantly reduce the tenant turnover rate.


  • The strict tenant screening process
  • Keep everyone on the team on the same page
  • Integrate all communication between the team and renters in one place Track a P&L (Profit & Loss)
  • Contact every lead in the preferred channel from a single hub

    The hotel industry’s most comprehensive CRM Software provides the latest cloud technology to manage guest room details from anywhere in the world. CRM helps store the cloud database and ensures all issues and requests are resolved promptly.


  • Avoid miscommunication by keeping everyone on the same platform
  • Manage the complaints and issues
  • Arrange amenities and facilities
  • Ensure your security will be guaranteed
  • Manage accommodation facilities by giving all details of expenses

    Our best Hotel Management Software can streamline all your day-to-day operations within minimal steps. From maintenance to room service requests, it helps to gain insight into the functioning of your business.


  • Digitize the front desk
  • Accelerate customer service
  • Handle guest profiles and their billing procedures accordingly
  • Make intuitive and robust reports and reduce operating costs
  • Give your guest a hassle-free experience by offering loyalty perks

    Our CRM Software for the hotel industry completely redefines a hotel’s guest experience by engaging them in unique ways. It helps solve check-in and check-out issues and gives suggestions regarding the best restaurants.


  • Live chat transfer facility to support representative
  • Make reservations at hotels and table bookings at restaurants
  • Schedule meetings with operators of your organization
  • Keep your guest updated about offers and discounts
  • Leverage a 360-degree view of your guest profiles

    Without Best CRM Software, you can’t achieve high-level customer support. If you handle digital infrastructure and customer data effectively, you will surely handle contact management and ticketing and quickly boost customer success by reducing overhead.


  • Store vital demographic information
  • Find information without asking the customer
  • View ticket updates and avoid confusing customers through oversharing
  • Visually track the progress of projects

    CRM Software for hotel industries helps to manage actions and role responsibilities to accomplish your team. It helps automate repetitive sales, marketing, and service tasks, store and manage customer and deal data, and forecast data.


  • Store contact data with ease
  • Manage and respond to tickets
  • Track deals and automate tasks
  • Integrate with other tools
  • Forecast and analyze data


A comparison between the Traditional and Digital ways of conducting this business

ItemTradional WayZoho CRM
Lead ManagementRealtor had to keep a manual record of all the leads.All the leads are present in the CRM Online.
List of PropertiesRealtors must maintain all the properties on piece of paper.All property list is available online just a few click away.
Maintaining RecordsMaintaining records was a tough job in the traditional way as a realtor would have to bear with a lot of paperwork.All the records and data are stored online with the help of Zoho CRM. It has reduced the burden of realtors.
Daily ActivitiesRealtors have to keep track of daily activities manually like calling the clients, visiting the property.The time spent on the traditional activities gets reduced with CRM as everything gets done automatically.
Follow-upsThe follow-up with the clients involved a lot of calling. Sometimes it was possible that an agent might forget about taking a follow-up from a client.The status of the deal is continuously updated with CRM, so an agent does not miss a follow-up from any client.