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Canvas for Zoho CRM- Redefining CRM experience with first no-code design studio



A few weeks back, the IT industry observed a striking curve in terms of innovation with the launch of Canvas for Zoho CRM. This is the first design studio integrated into CRM to enhance the overall experience of the end-users. Let’s discuss why this Zoho announcement is seen as an act of redefining the CRM experience in the industry.


Drag & Drop- It’s that simple.

CRM Customizations require technical knowledge and become a challenge for organizations that don’t have the same. Keeping this aspect in mind, this Zoho CRM Canvas design studio was launched. The user interface is robust and clean. With a drag & drop editor, one can design without writing a single line of code. All you need to do is select the required elements and drop them in the canvas area. To further facilitate designing, the template gallery feature is introduced with this studio. It contains numerous templates based on different industries.  Hence, it gives a chance to the user to dive straightaway into the CRM.




CRM Personalization at its best

The requirements of every industry are different, and this is the reason why everyone prefers a customized solution. Zoho beats the levels of customization with Canvas without meddling with the data constraints & the entire system’s cohesion & abstraction. This Canvas builder of Zoho CRM empowers businesses to design their own interface that fulfils their operational requirements. For instance, industry-relevant views can help in creating a view that is a “fit” for your industry and team. One can further modify these views at the micro-level with the help of formatting options. It allows you to load styles based on the conditions and create a user experience that is “just perfect” for you without coding.



From Data to Design- Customizing for customers as well employees

CRMs are about managing data flow and workflow in accordance with business logic and requirements. Sometimes too much customization in a CRM can make it complex for the team that is handling it. Further customizing the CRM according to the departments of the team involves high development costs and effort. As a result, the management usually drops the idea of simplifying CRM as per their employees’ roles and it creates a sense of disengagement among the team. With Canvas for Zoho CRM, this problem comes to an end as it allows businesses to assign different views based on the roles and responsibilities of the employee. It even offers enough flexibility to share Canvas creations which further enhances the UX for stakeholders. Now you get a complete tailor-made CRM for the team and operations for better control, employee productivity, and stakeholder collaboration. 



Now the hunt for a Canvas builder for Zoho CRM is over, and you can customize your CRM yourself. This flexible feature will improve the overall experience of the CRM for the business. Try it & explore the opportunity to simplify the solution and transform the raw data into a cleaned format. KG CRM Solutions Zoho Authorized Partner in India can offer consultation or customization for your Zoho CRM. Contact now for a free demo.